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In the vibrant heart of Houston, where the Texan spirit flourishes, two extraordinary nonprofit entities, Houston Justice and POZ Impact, have united to undertake a groundbreaking endeavor. Their collaboration is fueled by a mutual dedication to uplift underprivileged Houston residents who face challenges due to the absence of personal transportation, enabling them to
acquire vital mobility and surmount the hurdles associated with obtaining necessary legal documentation. This partnership
embodies the values of compassion, equity, and community empowerment.

The Good News:

We are thrilled to announce that we have successfully acquired our first three vehicles, and Angela F. Hawkins is the inaugural
recipient. We’re requesting your support to fund the necessary repairs for this crucial program. The current repair total is
$2,623.52; our second and third vehicles also needs repairs. We humbly ask for your assistance.

Project Narrative:

To repair donated vehicles allocated to POZ Impact and Houston Justice's "Keep Houston Rolling" program for Houston residents who face challenges due to the absence of personal transportation, enabling them to acquire vital mobility and surmount the hurdles of life.

Organizational Viability Statement

Houston Justice and POZ Impact demonstrate a steadfast commitment to long-term community impact through their collaborative initiative, the "Keep Houston Rolling" program. This transformative project addresses a critical need in the Houston area— providing affordable and reliable transportation to underprivileged residents.

Program Overview:

The "Keep Houston Rolling" program distinguishes itself as the sole initiative of its kind in Texas, symbolizing a pioneering and necessary effort to empower individuals facing transportation challenges. This innovative program involves repairing and leasing donated vehicles, coupled with essential maintenance services such as oil changes. We recognize the profound influence of reliable mobility in overcoming life's challenges; the program is a comprehensive solution to the pressing issue of transportation barriers, especially in poverty.

Community Support and Funding Strategy:

In the success of this ambitious undertaking, community support is deemed indispensable. Both organizations actively pursue grants. A meticulously crafted donation kit featuring pertinent statistics on poverty in Houston. The funding strategy is multifaceted, encompassing grants and a structured sponsorship program. This program offers various tiers with benefits beyond the traditional tax write-offs, including access to community events, theater tickets, and participation in biannual galas. These diverse avenues of support underscore the organization's commitment to cultivating sustained engagement from individual and corporate benefactors

Impact and Holistic Community Support:

Beyond mere financial assistance, the "Keep Houston Rolling" program reflects an understanding of the multifaceted challenges faced by individuals. The leasing model for vehicles, as opposed to outright donation or sale, is a deliberate choice aimed at making a more significant impact on the community. This approach provides individuals with affordable means to navigate essential activities, alleviating the financial strain associated with everyday tasks and reducing reliance on ride-sharing services or costly car rentals. The success of the program is exemplified by tangible outcomes, such as the improved quality of life for the first recipient—a senior Black woman. Her newfound independence, facilitated by reliable transportation, highlights the transformative potential of this initiative.

Long-Term Vision:

Houston Justice and POZ Impact envision the "Keep Houston Rolling" program as a cornerstone of their long-term commitment to community empowerment. Beyond its immediate impact, the initiative sets the stage for future projects, illustrating a dedication to evolving and expanding its efforts to meet the community's changing needs. In summary, the viability of Houston Justice and POZ Impact as impactful and sustainable organizations is underpinned by the strategic and inclusive approach of the "Keep Houston Rolling" program. This initiative addresses a crucial community need and lays the groundwork for enduring community support and future endeavors.

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