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Dear Friends,

POZ Impact is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to provide free to low-cost vehicle repairs for those who could not afford them otherwise. With the implementation of these services a greater problem was identified.


POZ Impact is extremely proud to announce a first of its kind program to help Houstonians who lack proper transportation and/or are unable to access public transportation.


In 2023 POZ Impact launched Keep Houston Rolling. This innovative program leases out donated vehicles which includes maintenance. The cost to the recipient is $150 a month, thus decreasing the financial burden placed on individuals who are disadvantaged.


By implementing a leasing model, the objective is to establish a sustainable cycle where recipients return the vehicles when they are no longer needed, or when their one-year lease is up. Allowing them the opportunity to gain financial freedom and a better quality of life.


We currently have one vehicle successfully in use by a well-deserved 59-year-old African American lady. We have two additional vehicles that require repairs to get them safely on the road with an opportunity to acquire more.


To continue Keep Houston Rolling, we need your help to ensure we can continue providing this groundbreaking program of reliable transportation. By donating to POZ Impact, you can be a part of this simple but bold initiative making a lasting impact on our community.

Donations are appreciated and can be made by either contacting Josh Mica at or by visiting



Josh Mica He/Him/Èl

Managing Director

POZ Impact

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